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Anonymous asked: so why do you always talk shit about white people if you're white yourself?


but i am white…

wait …. what the FUCK

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Anonymous asked: Hi, this is really random but I've followed you for awhile and you've got some really strong opinions and you're not mean about things so I feel like you're a good person to ask this lol. So, I'm female, 19, and white, and recently I was hanging out with a group of friends, most of whom were POC's, and they were talking about Ferguson and stuff along those lines, and I was trying to contribute to the conversation and talk about some articles I had read the other day, and they told me (cont.)

"(hi sorry long story) they basically told me I couldn’t have/voice my opinions because I’m white and I have too many privileges. I was completely on their side with everything they were saying, so I was just a little taken aback. I was just wondering what your thoughts were on that? I don’t want to say something stupid and offend anyone. (Also I love your blog :) )"

So I can’t speak for your friends. There could be several reasons why they didn’t want you to speak on the issue. I know that with my real close white friends we could discuss the issue without it upsetting my friend group, but then I have some white friends who are more acquaintances than anything who I wouldn’t want to discuss Ferguson with. It could have been the way you began to approach the topic or any other reason.

What it boils down to is in situations like these white voices tend to overshadow the voices of the black or other POC affected. It is important in times like these to listen and ensure that the voices of your friends are truly being heard and understood rather than overshadowing them with your take on the issues (even if they may be on the same side). It’s okay to be taken aback, but take some time to really reflect on why your friends didn’t want you to be involved in their discussion. 

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The same white people who wanted an open crucifixion of Michael Vick for dog abuse will give you 1001 reasons as to why an officer killing an unarmed and surrendered black kid deserves to roam free, and in fact are shelling out their entire bank account to make sure it happens.

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Queen Jade is a deaf Jamaican American Black woman and independent filmmaker who needs funding for an incredible film called The Shattered Mind. According to her Kickstarter site:

The film is centered upon a proud Black Deaf family with a captivating story that has never been told before in the mainstream film industry. The Shattered Mind is a 40-minute short film that explores a black deaf family’s journey while their daughter, Zhane Rain struggles to overcome adversity; traumatic childhood past and hearing loss. Zhane Rain is a misplaced teenager who is trying to find herself in a self-respecting Deaf family and to overcoming unusual psychological and neurological conditions. Ultimately, her biggest battle is in dealing with recurring nightmares due to amnesia from the traumatic experience she had as a child. 

She’s right. I’ve not even encountered a synopsis like this for a film. I’m all about supporting new to the screen stories, nuanced stories about Blackness, especially about Black women and Black families.

Her deadline is January 14, 2014 and that is in only 9 days! She needs only $470.00 more as her goal is $2,500.00 and she has $2,030.00 as of this post. Please support if you can! There’s pledge amounts as low as $1.00, $10.00 and $25.00 for those of us without much money but still want to chip in.

Please support via pledge or at least signal boost!

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Girl Maces Dude For Being Rude (by RuthlessTelevison)

"Signed, sealed, delivered! "

There’s probably a conversation to be had here about white men and their belief that their needs and wants are more important than everyone else’s (in this particular case Black women) and white men not taking the anger of Black women seriously.


Thank god this is backt

"Signed, sealed, delivered" is the best part of this video…



I approve.

if there is a day where this is circulating again and i don’t reblog it, pour one out for me cuz i’m probably dead

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IT ISN'T JUST FERGUSON, PEOPLE: Sitting while Black in Minnesota: Cops Tase man for not stating his name [TW: Police Violence, Racism, Ethnocentrism, White Privilege]



Video posted online on Tuesday depicts the arrest and Tasing of an unidentified Black man in St. Paul, Minnesota for seemingly little reason other than his refusal to state his name, the Twin Cities Daily Planet reported.

“Why am I going to jail?” the man can be heard saying toward the end of the nearly 6-minute long clip.

“It’ll be explained to you,” a male officer responds.

The video, which seemed to have been taken on a cell phone this past winter, begins with a female officer walking beside the man and asking for his name.

“Why do I have to let you know who I am?” the man asks. “I don’t have to let you know who I am if I haven’t broken any laws.”

Minnesota does not currently have a “stop and identify” statute in place. Those laws give police the right to arrest someone if they do not identify themselves

“I want to find out who you are, and what the problem was back there,” the first officer says. TheDaily Planet reported that a store clerk called police after the man was sitting in front of his store.

“I do not have to let you know who I am if I haven’t broken any laws,” the man says, adding that he explained to the clerk that he sat near the store for 10 minutes before going to pick up his children at a nearby school, New Horizon Academy.

“He walked up to me a minute later and got irate with me,” the man says of the clerk. “That’s a public area, and if there’s no sign that [says], ‘This is a private area, you can’t sit here,’ no one can tell me I can’t sit there.”

“The problem was,” the officer begins to say, before the man cuts her off, saying, “The problem is, I’m Black.”

Seconds later, the male officer approaches, and the man asks, “Please don’t touch me.”

“You’re gonna go to jail, then,” the officer responds, before he and his colleague grab the man.

“Come on brother,” the man says, “This is assault.”

“I’m not your brother,” the second officer answers. “Put your hands behind your back otherwise it’s going to get ugly.”

At that point, the male officer orders him to put his hands behind his back. The argument continues for a few more seconds before the image goes black. But the man can be heard yelling for help. As some children are heard in the distance, the man says, “That’s my kids right there.”

“Put your hands behind your back,” the officer can be heard yelling, before threatening to use the Taser. The device can be heard flickering at the 2:17 mark, before the man yells for help again.

Later on, the female officer can be heard asking, “Did I not ask you to stop to talk to me?”

Watch the video, as posted online on Tuesday, below.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]

Yea… How bout that.

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